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Chapel Building Appeal

You can donate via this website using PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to do this) or you can contact our treasurer directly should you prefer bank transfer. 

The Chapel Building Appeal (see details here) reached its initial target of £25,000 which triggered the very generous matching contribution of £25,000 from former pupil Gerry Sutton. Of course, the maintenance of the Chapel is an ongoing task and whilst the Trustees are immensely grateful to all donors who have helped us reach this initial target, the appeal goes on to ensure sufficient funds for future decades. The button above allows opportunities to still donate.

For details on the works already completed with the funds raised so far by the Building Appeal, please see the Building Works Report - March 2024.

Increasingly, given the age of the principle group of supporters, the Trustees have been looking to Legacy Donations. Our treasurer wrote the following some years ago for one of the school reunions and it remains relevant.


Realistically the most likely people to leave a legacy to the Chapel Fund are the Old Boys of the school, and there are not many of us. A gift in your Will would be a fine way of remembering both those who died and the good times you had at the school. It would allow the chapel fund to continue to keep the chapel looking good and supporting those pupils at the school today who deserve a bit of special encouragement.

A legacy may be created as a codicil to an existing Will or form part of a new will.

All charitable legacies are exempt from inheritance tax so the entire sum left to the Chapel Fund in your Will goes directly to the charity, and as the charity has no paid staff all of it will be used in ways that enhance the role and the fabric of the chapel.

Wills have to be written with some precision and therefore, to avoid unnecessary problems, here is a suggested wording for including a legacy to the chapel in your will.

" The sum of £xxx to Lewes Priory School Memorial Chapel Fund, Registered charity Number 274381, for its general charitable purposes. The receipt of the person who professes to be the treasurer or other proper officer of such trust shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustees."

A legacy gift would be greatly appreciated by the Chapel Trustees and will help ensure the maintenance and longevity of the War Memorial.

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