Chapel Building Appeal

You can donate via this website using PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to do this if you don't have one) or you can contact our treasurer directly should you prefer bank transfer.

The Chapel Building Appeal (see details here) reached its initial target of £25,000 which triggered the very generous matching contribution of £25,000 from former pupil Gerry Sutton. Of course, the maintenance of the Chapel is an ongoing task and whilst the Trustees are immensely grateful to all donors who have helped us reach this initial target, the appeal goes on to ensure sufficient funds for future decades.

That said, the Trust does have funds to start on some of the projects outlined in the Building Report. Over the summer 2021 a number of quotations were sought to replace one external door and 3 internal doors that are in poor condition. This process gave a preferred supplier, but sadly although the work was scheduled for the Easter vacation 2022, it didn't happen as the contractor went out of contact. So the process has started again, getting estimates in the hope the work can be done during the summer vacation 2022. This will give a new oak door on the south side of the building, new double doors from the hall into the main body of the chapel and a new fire door on the cupboard that houses the electricity meters. There will also be a replacement of a further door leading from the main body of the chapel into a side room.

The next job is flooring. The original cork tiling has suffered damage in the hall area and a number of replacement tiles are needed but they are no longer available. After consulting with 2 flooring specialist it has been decided that the lobby area should be over-tiled with barrier mat carpet tiles which will be durable and will protect the main chapel cork floor from dirt/damp ingress. This work will take place at the beginning of the summer vacation 2022.

Regarding the flooring in the main body of the building, this is not in a bad state. There are only 2 tiles with minor damage and a poor tile colour match from when the choir stalls were moved some years ago. Currently, the plan is to get the main cork floor stripped of old polish and sealant and reseal/polish to a high gloss. Potential contractors are visiting in June 2022 and again the work can hopefully be fitted in during the summer vacation 2022.


The Chapel Trust through the good offices of one of its trustees who knew a company that specialised in stone cleaning, did present the school with a proposal to clean the exterior of the building. In essence, the proposal was that the company would clean the stonework of the building at no cost with the Chapel Trust contributing about £3500 for the cost of access equipment. The nature of the stone cleaning process required an annual maintenance spray to keep the building pristine and the company made an offer to supply the necessary chemicals at their lowest "Black Friday" price for a minimum of 3 years. The estimated cost of the annual maintenance spray was £1000-1200 p.a. which the proposal suggested would be borne by the school as routine maintenance.

Sadly, the school didn't feel it could commit £1000 - 1200 p.a. ongoing in its current financial circumstances and rejected the proposal. Equally sadly, but perhaps understandably, the company that had made this generous offer withdrew when the proposal was rejected.

The Trustees remain committed to getting the building cleaned and currently 2 stone cleaning firms are assessing the job. We hope to have quotations during June 2022.